[pm] The discount is, I’m not asking for dirt from outside her or one of the other gang member’s residence, or a personal item from any of them. Just dirt from outside your home. 

[pm] That doesn’t seem like you at all, even if its packed tightly together. How would a jar of dirt from my home benefit you?



[pm] Make a wish, like you did last time. You can bring me a handful of dirt form outside your house… in a jar, please, I don’t want loose dirt in my car. 

That sounds fair. 

[pm] And what’s the discount? What do I owe you?

What would you do in the event of an apocolypse?

Treat it like a disaster situation.

Stockpile resources — relying on handheld, light-sensitive or manually operated devices would get the most use. Having nonperishable items and plenty of liquids, especially water for drinking, hygiene and etc…

Fortify shelter — assuming others will resort to drastic measures or looting, and also zombies, having solid points of entry/exit that make breaking in difficult is great. 

Try to get in touch with authorities and find a safe zone, while also being aware that safe zones may not be safe anymore, and they would also be located in state capitols. Avoiding cities and densely populated areas would be ideal. Become familiar with the location you’re in, know all the tunnels, streets and back alleys.

Stay close to sources of water. 

Create backup plans for backup plans. 


[pm] What would you give for her to be out of your hair for good You know, I’m perfectly willing to help you find her. I’d do it for a discount, too. 

I’m going to save my last question. When I want to know something else, I’ll let you know. 

[pm] What would I have to do?

The next extremely personal question you ask me counts as apart of the three questions I said I would answer honestly. 


How would you handle a problem then?

By having a discussion, seeking a compromise, and utilizing non-violent methods for a resolve. Words have incredible power of persuasion if used in the right way to advocate change. 

How would you handle a problem?

Why would murder be the easiest solution?


[pm] Please.

[pm] Okay, here’s what I know:

  • 4/15: Spring festival bonfire, around sunset. 
  • Appeared directly out or inside of the fire. Rolled around on the ground while on fire but kept trying to get up. 
  • Most likely suffered second degree burns. 
  • His name is either James or Martin.
  • Several individuals were there as witnesses and/or involved in helping him.
    • Cahill used a blanket to stop the fire.
    • Someone called an ambulance and went with James/Martin then went with him.
  • James was lucid while on fire, said things but mostly pertaining the medical and science fields as well as being a doctor. 
    • Type of doctor, unknown. Assumed toxicologist.
  • Bonfire stopped soon after.

That’s all I’ve got. Nothing about his recovery or what happened after the medics took over.


[pm] what about both? at the same time. I’d be into that. Although I’m not sure how a ghost would get it’s hands on a phone in order to text me “cum over”

Oh! Oh! I know Regan! I’m gonna move into the apartment above her! Her place is between two cemeteries and it’s my the morgue. It’s PERFECT. She seems to know a lot about dead bodies and I kind of love her for it. Buddy, I’m gonna be your best man in this universe. And all the other universes. I’d give the best speech.

“She Talks Too Much” by Elohim. It’s my fav. But I don’t think I talk that much. Right? Right. Don’t answer that. I think “Bring Me to Life” is a little TOO dramatic. Would that be your theme song? Are you a little drama llama? 

Yeah, I mean I look like a crazy lady talking to myself sometimes. But I’m not really affected by seeing a decapitated head or whatever anymore so that’s a plus.

[pm] I mean, I’d be impressed if a ghost could do that but I also don’t want that to happen at all. But I’d also want to know how they did it.

That’s great!

It’s fitting as a theme song if you think it is. I don’t know you very well to say whether or not you talk too much though. Really? What makes “Bring Me to Life” TOO dramatic? As for me… I don’t know, never really thought about a song and applied it to myself.

That’s quite a tradeoff. Do you get bothered by what people may think of you if they see you talking to “yourself”? 


As a police officer, shouldn’t you know that murder is often the quickest solution to problems?

I reiterate, as an officer, that there are still far better and superior ways to handle this than murder. It’s not a solution to a problem.


[pm] Sure

Odd, that’s one word for it. If you hear anything about how he’s doing maybe let me know?

[pm] How would you describe it? Someone else said it was fascinating.

I will. Same to you though, if you hear anything, let me know please.