What would you do in the event of an apocolypse?

Treat it like a disaster situation.

Stockpile resources — relying on handheld, light-sensitive or manually operated devices would get the most use. Having nonperishable items and plenty of liquids, especially water for drinking, hygiene and etc…

Fortify shelter — assuming others will resort to drastic measures or looting, and also zombies, having solid points of entry/exit that make breaking in difficult is great. 

Try to get in touch with authorities and find a safe zone, while also being aware that safe zones may not be safe anymore, and they would also be located in state capitols. Avoiding cities and densely populated areas would be ideal. Become familiar with the location you’re in, know all the tunnels, streets and back alleys.

Stay close to sources of water. 

Create backup plans for backup plans. 


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