[pm] So what you’re really saying is you don’t know.

[pm] Not right now. The scribes might. I do think magic was involved.

What I do know is this, though:

  • 4/15: Spring festival bonfire, around sunset.
  • Appeared directly out or inside of the fire. Rolled around on the ground while on fire but kept trying to get up.
  • Most likely suffered second degree burns.
  • His name is either James or Martin.
  • Several individuals were there as witnesses and/or involved in helping him.
    • Cahill used a blanket to stop the fire.
    • Someone called an ambulance and went with James/Martin then went with him.
  • James was lucid while on fire, said things but mostly pertaining the medical and science fields as well as being a doctor.
    • Type of doctor, unknown. Assumed toxicologist.
  • Bonfire stopped soon after.

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