Living in a quaint neighbourhood, Reed’s two-story home is surrounded by trees right down to the curb of his driveway. Come fall, the entire street can be expected to be cluttered with autumn leaves – making the chore of raking a very dreaded process. Despite that, though, Reed feels very at home in the neighbourhood, even taking his early morning or nightly jogs around the area.

  • There is a front porch that extends the length of the house, with a series of steps leading up to his door. On either side of the house there is a thick amount of trees and other foliage.
  • Being away at work a lot, the interior of his home is kept simple and neat. All of the floor is hardwood except for his bedroom and other guest rooms. The living room and kitchen are connected with the kitchen having a completely open view to the sitting room.
  • Fit with stainless steel appliances, the kitchen is one of Reed’s favourite places in his home to linger around – especially the island if he’s not sitting on his couch leaning over his coffee table. By the refrigerator, Reed keeps an entire cabinet full of an assortment of teas.
  • Despite turning one of the spare guest rooms into an at-home office, Reed’s house is still very likely to clutter with things from work. While his house is relatively clean, it’s not uncommon for the coffee table to collect tea mugs or have scattered paper lying about. Additionally, spread throughout his house are books regarding any and everything he wants to learn about or has taken an interest it.
  • His master bedroom is located upstairs and is relatively small. The bedroom lacks a television because any and every thing he gets digitally can be had through his computer and his phone.
  • There is a bathroom downstairs (with another upstairs) as well his office. With an additional guest bedroom upstairs, Reed is always trying to fill the space somehow.
  • Since the adoption of his two german shepherds, Charcoal and Saltpeter, his house has adopted: dog hair, an assortment of toys and a backyard that looks well played in.
  • THE MERGE: The home to the left of him was replaced by a small convenience store.

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