[pm] A thank you would be nice. 

Okay, my first question is this: what happened with Azul? And don’t give me a one-word answer, I want the whole story. Start to finish. 

[pm] I did say thank you. [message sends]

[new pm] It started with a 911 call late November. We were even more understaffed at that time compared to last year and the few officers we did have were unable to respond to the call. So I did. His name was Miriam Weeks, he was an older man and was married to a woman named Terra. They had three daughters together. The individual who called was a distraught, redheaded woman, she was the only other person to have seen his body aside from another witness. An investigation surrounding the suspicious nature of his death opened up. I informed his family of his death, got the impression everything was rehearsed. Terra was…hiding something. After a certain point, she stopped answering my questions. Her daughters looked like what happened to their father really upset them and that they knew more than they let on, but their fear of their mother prevented them from saying anything. I let them go. 

I went to Miriam’s wake, Terra and her children were there, I wanted to show my support and see how they were holding up after. Terra seemed agitated by my presence there. That’s when…things began to happen. I would wake up nearly daily to my dogs barking and growling ferociously at my front door and windows an hour before I had to be up for work, I would find notes with phone numbers under my wipers and receive anonymous messages that seemed to be very aware of me at all times, and the entirety of my front porch smelled distinctly floral. My friends were victims of this as well. Anyone who associated with me or looked like they’d get in the way would be…threatened.

That went on for the majority of December. It got worse by the week, or day if I did something they really didn’t like. [user stops typing] They being…a small gang of nixies. But more specifically, Azul. A week leading up to the attack, she began leaving disturbing notes on my nightstand, a new one would be there almost nightly. I recognized the handwriting as being the same left on my car. I’m not sure how she was able to freely enter and leave my home or what she did to my dogs. She was the main culprit for everything that happened. She sent the messages, she sent me the stack of polaroids that she took of me inside of my home whether I was asleep or not, she…. I never knew what she looked like until I offered her my coat. She had been wearing a thin shirt and looked cold by the window of the coffee shop. I didn’t think any of it at the time. I didn’t know who she was. I didn’t know that she knew me already and.

I returned to the natatorium mid-December, hoping I’d find something about Miriam there that I overlooked before. Not to my knowledge, Azul was there. She attacked me in the parking lot then took two more polaroid pictures of me, laughed then left. I woke up in a hospital after that, I don’t remember how I got there.

Early January, after a hospital checkup, A friend and I were ambushed outside of Al’s. Terra was there and so was the woman who called all the way back in November, Rosie May. I watched Rosie stab Marley two I— [user stops typing] Everyone in the gang was arrested and put away, because of my frie. Except for Azul. I read the police rep Terra said They had been planning on killing me after Azul’s failure. They saw an opportunity and took it. They hurt Marley because of m

[new pm after a fifteen minute pause] What’s your second question?


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