[PM] Well, in regards to the project, we come from completely different backgrounds of research so we’re tackling this in two different directions. The fact we don’t agree means we are able to look at things in a different way together which is what this project needs to be able to figure it out. I personally like an air of mystery as it makes things more exciting, more interesting. Everyone wants to unravel a mystery, find out the answers, and this is also what this project is, a massive mystery to unravel. Ballistics has never appealed to me but I prefer to stay as far away from guns as I can. Mostly because I’d probably injure myself.

Once I’m asleep, there’s no issue, but getting to sleep used to be an issue. My sleep patterns were also quite the nightmare but I’ve found a sleep aid that helps a lot with that.

Fear is a force that can work in different ways. I think it’s better to have some fear in things else you’ll end up in a situation where you’re not thinking before you’re doing.

[pm] Yours is linguistics, right? [user doesn’t comment on the latter end about guns]

Well, that’s good! Glad you found a sleeping aid, what is it? Do you have any suggestions? I ask because I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep too.

I suppose so but I think it’s better to work with and know what the fear is. Feeling fear is fine of course, and can be a normal response, but… I guess I’ve always preferred challenging myself.

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