[PM] Different opinions can create a clash though one that is needed in this project. It is at a standstill quite now but we shall work on it.

The mind is one of the most clever devices known to man. Nothing really compares to what the imagination can conjure up. The book is all stories and I find I don’t search for something to relate to, more something to inspire or influence, something to learn or explore.

That is exactly what this town is like. I would be more concerned if the place went quiet with supernatural energy. If that was the case, we should be very, very concerned.

[pm] What are your opinions on the matter? What compromise or agreement can’t be achieved at the moment?

I agree. Do you feel you are achieving that through reading the book? What are you hoping to inspire or learn through it?

As concerning and potentially terrifying as that would be, that could be exciting. At the very least adrenaline pumping. And there would be something to learn and explo


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