Sometimes. I have extracurricular activities I’m a part of as well that sometimes takes more attention than usual which can put a strain on my classwork, but I don’t back down from hard times.

Damn, expert and officer. Good on you, man.

[pm] What’s it like working for ACPD? Figured you might not want to talk about that all out in the open.

What extracurricular activities do you partake in? It’s good you persevere. 

Thank you.

[pm] Pretty great place, I really love it there! I spend most of my time in the basement but I get to work with a wide variety of personality types, both on the main floor and the basement, but the job can be really stressful on a day to day basis when we’re so limited on staff. And it can also be alienating community-wise but that’s okay, I guess


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