[pm] I asked them online. They claimed spinach, which is so not a thing, and also said they weren’t made with love. Who the heck bakes and doesn’t put love into it?!

That is not cool, it’s abhorrent but it’s a true fact. You can do that with dragons – I mean, not the current species thing, not really, but they did exist.

Yes, fire breathing dragons existed but Smaug is fictional

I’ve studied dragons for forever, and I find that there’s a lot more to them than dinosaurs. No offense to dinos or anything.

I do bake. I don’t like to sell it, though I do think having a bakery could be fun, but I prefer to do it for those I care about, or on my own time. Not for a festival. Though if I did I’d sell more than that other guy

[pm] Hey, it could be a thing. People will try all kinds of food combinations. But if you don’t believe it, the next best thing to do is actually visit their booth and see what they’re using. And Daejun they said that? That doesn’t surprise m That’s an objective way of baking. 

What proves that they did exist? And why not the current species? Why are they excluded?

Smaug was cool though.

I’d love to see you in a debate against Ross from Friends. I think the Dinosaurs vs Dragons debate would reach a stalemate. 

Is that also why you don’t work at or own a bakery?


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