[pm] For all that I bake, I’m not so into eating lots of sweets.

For one, they are real. Which, I mean, so are dinosaurs, or were. Though were applies to both of them. Dragons were driven to extinction.

Two, there’s so many varieties and they lived all over. Also a number of them could breathe fire.

Just in general, I mean, I like dinosaurs and all, but how could anybody ever choose them over dragons?!

[pm] You don’t have to eat them. You could go up to the vendor and ask what ingredients they’re using. They’re required to tell you.

How is it cool that dragons were driven to extinction though? There are still species that have DNA that can trace all the way back to dinosaurs, that’s pretty badass.

Were there any fire breathing dragons like Smaug?

The same question can be asked of you but about dragons.

[new pm] You bake? Why didn’t you enter the festival to sell some of your food?


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