Acting Out || Quinn & Reed


Quinn looked up at his finished work with a small smirk. It was a bad idea, but oddly enough it made him feel better. And should his home town actually have some mark of his handiwork? Even if no one knew where Q was from. Quinn wasn’t an artist, but the general outline was correct. It had the fancy, harsh slashes in the right places. People would recognize it at Q’s calling card. Well, people who knew about Q would, which he assumed was most people. After all. You didn’t become an infamous hacker without people knowing about you.

Hearing a shout, Quinn jumped, eyes wide as a flashlight shone brightly in his eyes. He winced automatically, holding his hands up. The dark of the night, lit only by the moon, had his eyes accustomed to the little light. It was enough to graffiti the symbol at least. “It’s a school, public, right? That means I can hang out here,” he said stiffly, putting his hand down once he got used to the light, and trying his best to discretely slip the spray can into his jacket pocket. Licking his lips, he shrugged again. It was hard to see exactly who this was with the way the light was shining. It cast the other man in shadow.

Quinn looked up at where the flashlight pointed to the graffiti he put up. “No clue man,” he said simply, looking up at the symbol. “Don’t even know what it was. I was just out for a walk because I didn’t feel like being cooped up,” Quinn replied. That technically wasn’t completely false. Quinn often went for walks late at night. “It’s pretty cool though,” Quinn said again looking up at the letter with a shrug. It was probably time to get out of here though. “Right, well I’m gonna head on off then,” he said simply.

Baffled, Reed took a half step forward towards the individual, keeping close watch on the movements of their hands. Harmless. Frowning at their flimsy excuse, Reed took another step forward and lowered his flashlight enough to not burn a temporary black hole into their vision, then said, “After hours? Close to ten and no events…” He almost smiled at their attempt but bit his bottom lip to keep from doing so. “Unless you have permission to be here so late after hours, I don’t think so.”

Back to the graffiti on the wall. He turned his attention to it and with his eyes, the flashlight followed. Q. It looked fresh and shiny where the edges of the light curved onto the bricks. Reed reached out to touch the middle of one of its marks and pulled back at the touch of wet texture, his fingertips stained black like he dipped them into an inkwell. I’m gonna head off then… Reed’s head jerked up in an instance in response, “Whoa, hey, no, you’re not.” Then he paused to get a better look at him. Young. Lots of shrugging. Out late, considering the time. Troubled? Upset? Rebelling? “You’re coming with me,” Reed clarified later on and turned his body, back to the wall, as he gestured the opposite way back towards where his car was parked.

Another dip in silence followed, leaving Reed to internally scramble for a good excuse to get the younger man to willingly accompany him. Biting the inside of his cheek, Reed lowered and angled his flashlight so that the darkness didn’t cradle around him, unveiling his own identity to the stranger in front of him. Establishing some sense of familiarity was the way to go in his mind. “I can drive you home,” Reed offered with a small shrug of his own. “There wasn’t a bike or car, so I’m guessing you walked…” And with this town’s nightly activities, “It’ll be safer. We can talk, too. And you can tell me all about this Q—” Then Reed gestured towards the graffiti sign between them both, a hopeful look on his face albeit shadowed. Don’t take off running. He waited.


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