[pm] Why are you swearing at me? 😦

That’s a sad face rotated at 90 degrees. It denotes my sadness. 

Reed!!! I would never kill you. I’m not going to be the one responsible for your missing eye. And the police can’t have the chipmunks; those weren’t meant for you only.

[pm] I know what a sad face is and I also know, now, that you went into the woods with Tad. Which is fine, you warned me that could happen. I can’t stop you from thinking about it and I don’t want you to, but I’d prefer it if we didn’t talk about my calvaria exploding, using either of my ulna’s as ice cream scoopers and the possibility of one of my eyes being taken out. It doesn’t feel comfortable, especially considering the nature of our relationship. 

I want to embrace and support all of you to the best of my human ability. But I won’t support the gruesome and grotesque imagery regarding myself anymore.


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