[pm] It’ll do for now.

Wow, thank you! I never really thought of myself as an artist, and frankly, the mitral valve could use some work. But there can always be more!

The one with the missing eye reminds me of you the most. Look at those cheeks. 

Problem? Why? What’s the problem?

[pm] I’ll show you mine if you show— wait Oh, no “For now,” Rae… That’s also concerning. To see my brain, we both know what would have to happen for you to get up close and personal with it.

[user goes to look at the chipmunks more in-depth] Oh, yeah, I can kind of see it now. But, uh, I have both eyes. Where did you find the

Well, the first one is that your gifts to me — especially of the decomposing variety — could end up on someone else’s doorstep. Opening it and/or seeing what someone might assume is blood on the outside, with an anatomical heart as signature, could be very alarming to someone else. It screams “serial killer.” Another is, what do I do with all of these chipmunks? I could bury them in my backyard but the next person who lives here and, for whatever reason, decided to do an expedition in their backyard will see a lot of skeletons, mostly chipmunk. 


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