[pm] That means a lot Reed. Thanks. But really, I’m completely fine at least physically.

Sort of, I’ve only recently started to understand the different layers of the supernatural here. I mean I’m still coming to terms with it all. 

Not particularly. I don’t know. 

No, I’ve not heard of Ashford River. Should I have?

[pm] If you need someone to talk to about any of this, I’m available. There’s also…a therapist named Daejun, but I don’t trust.

Pretty soon you’ll start keeping a list to keep up like me. There are a lot of 

Don’t worry if you haven’t, but some things have happened that make people think our town is Ashford River and not Ashkent Creek. People that some locations are from there as well as some animals and it’s hard to explain people seeing themselves but not themselves— like how you saw a Regan that isn’t the Regan we know.


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