[pm] I don’t know, Reed I decapitate vampires, if that isn’t medieval but it wouldnt be the first time something medieval happens in town.

This guy is at the hospital right now?

[pm] I hope it wasn’t an actual execution then.

I believe so, yes. Most likely in recovery at this point.



[pm] Maybe he was supposed to die. Maybe it was planned, like an execution or something? Otherwise I don’t see why the first thing he thought of saying was his name and profession. No one would do that if they were truly panicking.

Ask the scribes. I’ll ask my sister’s girlfriend, see if she knows anything about this.

[pm] From where? That seems like a very medieval thing to do. 


[pm] Are you questioning me when I’m offering to track a living person down for dirt cheap? If you must know, I like to collect things. 

[pm] Did you only make that a discount so you could make that pun?


[pm] The guy’s on fire and he’s lucid enough to give his name and profession? Why would he tell you about his job?

Maybe he has been thrown into the fire because he was working on a classified toxin and he wanted to warn us about it? Or does it sound too Romanesque?

Either that or he’s a phoenix or some shit. Although I doubt he would get second degree burn. (Are you sure it’s not third degree?)

[pm] That’s what the others have been telling me. That could be how his mind reacted to shock? In situations like that, if you’re capable of telling people who you are and what you do, that’s ideal. It helps with identification. 

Well…something within that realm of possibilities could be the case. So I wouldn’t say that’s too Romanesque, I would definitely broaden it. Maybe what he does or did had some level of importance like that.

I did consider that but I’m not familiar with this town’s type of phoenixes considering the actual lore varies from the typical lore I would find somewhere on Wikipedia.


[pm] So what you’re really saying is you don’t know.

[pm] Not right now. The scribes might. I do think magic was involved.

What I do know is this, though:

  • 4/15: Spring festival bonfire, around sunset.
  • Appeared directly out or inside of the fire. Rolled around on the ground while on fire but kept trying to get up.
  • Most likely suffered second degree burns.
  • His name is either James or Martin.
  • Several individuals were there as witnesses and/or involved in helping him.
    • Cahill used a blanket to stop the fire.
    • Someone called an ambulance and went with James/Martin then went with him.
  • James was lucid while on fire, said things but mostly pertaining the medical and science fields as well as being a doctor.
    • Type of doctor, unknown. Assumed toxicologist.
  • Bonfire stopped soon after.