[pm] Well, Bloody Mary can appear in any reflective surface, but she usually only goes after those she believes are murderers. 

I have. My reflection is…foggy, at best. Usually just not there. I thought it was a side effect at first 

Changed? How?

[pm] Huh. Okay. Hm…. Well that makes sense because Veroni Do you think I could get her to come after me then?

That’s odd. I wonder what that means. If taken literally, then it means there’s no one there like you on the other side at all? But to be clear, what kind of blank is it? Do you see something, like a room or anything? Or is it literally blank?

Become more like the person they’re watching, like they…imitate them subconsciously. Like, I see myself in the mirror but it’s not me. He’s a lonely guy so if I were to watch him long enough, apparently I’d…become lonely. I don’t know how that works exactly but people say that their friends aren’t the same like they were before the mirror occurrences.


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