[pm] Don’t try to bring logic into hate watching! That totally defeats the purpose. You gotta hate watch it with me sometime and you’ll see how fun it is. 

I mean??? Yeah? Not like a fakey one, but pretty powerful. I’m not just blowing out of my ass either. Like when there are ghosts around I see EVERYTHING. I don’t just get feelings or hear whispers. They are there. That is why I cringe at these ghost shows! All the dramatic music is crazy to me when I can tip my hat to a spirit on my way home.

[pm] Okay, I’ll hate watch it with you. I’ll just need a time and a place.

That’s a fair point. I can see the reason why you’d watch them but that seems more like purposeful infliction of aggravation than enjoyment if you don’t really enjoy it deep down, cringe aside. I personally completely avoid shows like CSI to spare myself the headache but I’ll watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine occasionally… Which is still a terrible source for career representation but it’s not taking itself seriously so that’s probably why it doesn’t bother me as much. So I get where you’re coming from all in all. I think the worst shows are the ones that do take themselves seriously that— I just remembered! There is this show on the ID channel called Autopsy: The Last Hours Of and I caught an episode of it after I got home the other day. That’s a terrible show. I never knew that existed until I saw it and I don’t think I ever turned a channel so fast in my life before as I did on that night. I don’t think my girlfriend would like that show either.

You can do all of that while listening to your own music too! A friend of mine would tell me about the ghosts she could The world must look much more full and crowded through your eyes. Is it all the time you can see them? Or on a when wanted basis?


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