1. No, mine’s been black or murky grey, no change. I can’t speak for everyone, though. 

2. It was the kind of business that helped people. People would come to us needing information, money, connections, things like that, and we would deliver. It’s been a while, but I guarantee you’d be connected with exactly what you wish for. 

3. Understandable. I think that in order to be friendly with you, I need to be more forthcoming, and as your therapist, that wasn’t allowed. But now that I’m not under contract, it should be fine. 

1. Why would yours be 1. How do you feel about your mirror being black or murky?

[pm] 2. What kind of business? What was it called? How exactly was this done?

3. It’s not about your forthcoming nature. You’re not a traditional therapist. 


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