[pm] Maybe you can stay here for a couple of days. It can’t hurt, right? As long as the dogs have somewhere to go. I’ll keep you safe. Um, not that you need… it. I know you’re capable. But four eyes is better than two.

I don’t know yet. I’ll report back once I meet her. 

Thank you. For looking into both of them.

[pm] I can see if Noah will watch my dogs for me and I’ll come set up at your place. Am I sleeping on the couch or [long pause] will it be like last time, in your bed with you? We’ll keep each other safe. 

Keep me updated?

You’re welcome. I know they both mean a lot to you and [user remembers Boone Huskins again] I’d like to find them too.

Do you have any DNA from Reilly that can be examined? Such as blood?

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