[pm] Again, I’m a biologist, not a physicist… but [user spends several minutes on google, but is still foggy on the subject] As I understand it, quantum physics- specifically quantum entanglement- is where two particles are linked, the way they behave is linked, neither one independent from the other no matter the distance. For example, let’s say that we have a pair of entangled particles with some law applied to them, like spin. One will spin clockwise, and one will spin counterclockwise, even if they’re separated by the entire earth. They’ll be opposites within a whole. 

Which is a little like the situation with the other world and doubles, right? We and our other selves are part of the same whole, linked together because we’re the same people. But within the same self, us and our doubles are completely complimentary to each other. 

At least, that’s the case with me and you, I don’t know how it would pan out on a larger scale. If something weird is going on that can have a sciencey answer, the explanation is usually some branch of quantum physics.

[pm] [user is overwhelmed by this information] I’m so sorry, Tad. I should’ve clarified I wasn’t asking what quantum physics is but why you think it would apply in this situation. I see what you mean now, it’s highly feasible. 

That reminds me a lot of the meaning behind Antichthon: counter-earth, meaning it’s another planet on the other side of the sun and not visible to us on earth. Of course, that’s hogwash.

I like the string theory better, though.


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