[pm] I don’t think there was anything, no. What do you think is most likely that happened?

I don’t know. Because it didn’t seem like he would just leave me like that in detention? I thought it might have been a family emergency but his sister didn’t mention one. So it’s odd. 

Okay, good. Can I help somehow? Like, are you going to need people to look for him? Or maybe I could talk to the other students at the school to see if maybe they noticed something?

[pm] I have no idea. Then again, I don’t know a lot about Reilly and [user has flashbacks to Boone Huskins] [user thinks about his answer for a while longer] It’s a stretch but could’ve been taken by a drug cartel. 

It is odd, I agree. 

While I’d prefer for you to not get involved because I don’t want you to get hurt, I don’t think talking to other students and staff at your school would be a bad idea and could be very helpful.

If you need anything at all, my partner Dr. Regan Kavanagh and I will be in touch. Be safe and vigilant.


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