[pm] You’re absolutely right! I’ve been using spare bedsheets because I don’t really use my bed to cover everything up. What’s happening to people who break the glass? I didn’t even think to try and break Stop it Nothing too awful, I hope. 

[user sighs]Thanks. I wish he’d stop.

The other you sounds pretty harmless. Right? I mean, it’s a little sad that he wouldn’t even look at you, or if he did know you were there, have the courage to come over. Maybe he will if you try again? Or try writing him a note on paper and taping it in so he can look at it anytime? I don’t know what it would say, though. ‘Hi, I’m the other you, you’re looking really sharp today’ might be a little weird. 

Anyways, I’m glad I’m with this you, the one that’s open to nonhumans! Otherwise things might have gotten awkward. 

[pm] I’m guessing they can see multiple fragments of the same thing they could see in one piece of mirror?

I think his obvious loneliness was sadder but I did say ‘can you see me’ to him and I’m not sure if he could hear me, if it was really happening at all or if he hear me and just ignored me? There are a lot of possibilities for what’s going on with the mirrors. While I don’t doubt what’s happening, I almost believe it’s fake to be something real but then I also believe it could be linked to something real.

Wait a second. Wait What Are you non I’m glad you’re sharing this with me too.


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