[pm] Even if I stop seeing him, he’s not going to stop doing what he does. I’m sorry, that sounded really ungrateful. Of course if I could stop the visions, I would in an instant.

[mew pm] Yeah, something like that. I saw him, and he saw me too, in real time, not just seeing things he’d already done in dreams. He ripped his He told me He showed me [user grits his teeth] I think he took his own eye out sometime in the past and now he ritually gouges it out with his fingers when it grows back. He showed me, um, how he does it, and offered to do mine too. For protection. And to help me be more him. The same thing is happening in your mirror too, right? What did you see?

[pm] I’m not disagreeing with you and while I don’t know how to make him stop, if that were possible, definitely finding a solution for the mirrors is a priority. For now, people have taken to covering them with whatever they can find or turning them over… According to what I’ve heard others, breaking the glass doesn’t do much except make it worse. 

Does His eye grows back? Does your eye grow back I’m sorry. That’s really unpleasant and cruel.

My experience is really…, well it’s almost doubtful. He looked lonely and miserable but he dressed really nicely. For work. Way nicer than me, like he goes to the dry cleaners or— actually, he probably does it all himself. From what I could gather, he worked at the station but only in forensics.

The reason it’s doubtful is because I don’t know if I was just seeing things or if he really couldn’t see me at all. Or…if he chose to ignore I was there, watching him. The best thing I can compare his behavior to is people who dismiss the happenings in this town as special effects or something not supernatural. 


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