[user destroyed his phone by jumping into the creek with it in his pocket, takes several hours to get back to his home and feel safe enough to turn on the computer and reply] I think there might be something wrong You’re a good friend, Reed. And just so you know, just in case… if something happens to me, there are instructions for how to care for my frogs underneath Croakamedes’ tank. You can take them to Zinnia, the vet, and she should know what to do with them, or if you really want to, I think you’d be a good frog dad.

[pm] Last I saw him he was pretty gleeful, but I don’t know if that counts as apathy. 

Yes, I did. A while ago… a few weeks, maybe? Did you see it too? 

[user makes note of the first half of Tad’s reply] Thank you! I could certainly learn how to take care of your frogs. You’re a good friend too.

[pm] Gleeful? What was he doing when he looked that way?

No, I never did but I know people who have and many of them began having flashbacks or dreams about another version of themselves. 

[new pm] What happened for you to say all of that? About something happening to you? 


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