Call | Mom

Reed’s phone: [Mom calling…]
Reed: [checks time — midnight — then answers, in Korean] Eomma? Why are you calling so late?
Nari, in Korean as well: I’ve been thinking about you. We haven’t spoke since the end of February. I’ve been writing you emails and calling, but you haven’t answered…
Reed: [muttering] Oh…
Nari: Is something the matter? You only act that way when something is bothering you.
Reed: [gushes out a heavy breath]
Nari: You don’t have to pretend that you’re happy while talking to me, adeul. You can be honest with me— And I /know/ you’re thinking about it but don’t hang up on me. Please?
Reed: [several seconds of silence, finger tapping against his phone’s side] I don’t want you to worry.
Nari: I will feel how I feel about my own adeul, and if I happen to feel that way then that’s how I feel. [pause, under her breath] You can try that line on your good-for-nothing father.
Reed: I—
Nari: Can we FaceTime instead? I want to see your face.
Nari: [without waiting, she changes the call to FaceTime]
Reed: [accepts after tidying himself somewhat]
Nari: Did you just get off work?
Reed: [shaking his head] No… I couldn’t sleep so I did some— I was working out when you called.
Nari: I see… Should you be doing all that after your surgery? Surgeries?
Reed: Everything’s healed, doctor gave the all clear.
Nari: [nodding understandably. There’s another gap of silence between them before she asks] What’s wrong, adeul?
Reed: [shrugs]
Reed: I think…it’ll be easier to talk about in person. Do you feel like visiting for a week or two? I’ll pay for your ticket.
Nari: [frowning sympathetically] You don’t want to come back to Chicago instead? You know how I feel about that town.
Reed: Honestly? I could use the company here. [pause] You’d love my dogs and they would love you. [another shrug] Plus I could show you around, let you see how I’m living.
Nari: [thinking] I’ll stay for a month.
Reed: That’s not what I— Okay. A month.
Nari: [grinning from ear-to-ear suddenly] I’ll start packing.
Reed: Oh— You want to come now?
Nari: Why would I delay spending time with you? I wish we lived closer so I could visit you /all the time/!
Reed: I know you do. [shifts phone from one to the other] I’ll email you the information.
Nari: [grinning] I love you! Town aside, I’m excited to see /you/!
Reed: [smiling] Love you too, we’ll talk about everything when you’re here, okay? Night, eomma.
[call ends]


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