That’s a relief Good. I think I’d people would miss you if you left. …………… is that………………. are you telling me you know…………… [user stops and checks that his door and windows are all locked] You’re too kind! Frogs are a good species and I’d absolutely hate it if something happened to them while I was still capable of leaving the house. 

Understandable. That kind of thing can be really difficult to talk about. 

Yeah, it’s the same person every time. Um, they’re me? But another me. They don’t faint or throw up over blood, and are emotionally stunted in a way which allows them to do that kind of thing without blinking. They like to use people’s dreams to lure them in, abduct them, and subject them to painful experiments until they die. 

That’s a nice sentiment, I’d hope so. [user pauses a long time after reading still capable] Here’s to that never happening! May you always be able to leave your house to visit the frogs.

So…would they he your other self they be apathetic, in regards to their emotions? Possibly sadisti

[pm] Did you see a smokey-like, shadowy creature with white eyes? Did it touch your face?


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