[pm] Of course.

[pm] Okay.

Let’s say you’ve known this individual just shy of a year, eleven months exactly, and you two didn’t get along too well for the first half of that year. By the second half, you both could consider each other friends, possibly close, and you grow to really care about this individual. So fast forward some and you two go out for a cup of coffee, the tension between you two feels way different than the first time you went out for coffee eleven months ago. You both have gifts like that last time as well but it’s not for someone else, it’s for each other. Cookies and chocolate. The cookies are homemade by your friend but to you, they never really seemed like the type to make anything especially for you. Then again, they also never seemed like the type to give you a massage and then apologize and mean it after they intentionally poked one of your bruises. But leaves turn over, people change.

Barely thirty minutes later and a third party enters the picture, openly declaring to you and anyone within ear range that the individual you’re having coffee with is a murderer. Your friend leaves, visibly upset. This new person sits down and despite all of your questions to dig deeper, they avoid answering anything but they tell you it’d be easy to have your friend arrested. Then they ask you to tell them put your friend away. You agree to help, only to get more information for yourself. Not because you want to help them and not because you believe your friend is guilty but because this is an opportunity to learn more about their accusations and see how baseless their declaration is. You visit them at their place of work and discover the second meeting isn’t any different than the first, they don’t tell you anything different and give you no reason to believe your friend is responsible for anything they’re being accused of. They expect you to believe them, though. When you talk to your friend, they express clear disdain for that person and their place of work. They even come across as contemptuous.

Now your friend is gone and unresponsive. How do you feel?


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