[pm] I’m nowhere near goddess status, but thank you. 

What a world it was, I’m sure.

Because I’m not entirely myself. And I need to know that you’ll be safe, that you’ll stay away from me.

[pm] You seem like yourself now…? 

Of course I’ll try to be safe but you’re making it sound like you got bit and are losing control. None of that makes me want to stay away, it’s having the opposite Are you okay and safe? Is there anything I can do to help? Is there a different kind of expert we need to consult, like…someone who is a professional seasoned longtime werewolf or vampire? Someone else entirely? Because we can find one! And there was an overabundance of wolf attacks in Janua Were you bit?

[new pm, an hour later] I’m concerned and confused?.

[new, new pm] Are you being threatened? Or watched? Is someone harassing or stalking you, is your life in danger? Is that why you want me to stay away, you don’t want them to have other targets? If so, I understand, because something similar happened to m Is talking to me online putting you in any danger at all, do they monitor your social activity or have they attempted to hack into it? Because that could explain our previous conversations and others I’ve seen you have. We have a digital forensics team that can locate them, IP address and all.


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