I’m not really sure, I think I was in a cellar of some kind, I remember being unable to move my arms and legs. I felt really sweaty and some guy kept telling me I was going to die if I didn’t receive medical attention right away. I am okay though! Awake me is very A-OK!

Gosh but that almost sounds like it could be memories from the other you But I don’t know if you got touched by that smoke monster shit Was it like… you, but not you? Or did it seem like it was happening to you as you are? 

That really sounds awful! But I’m glad you’re okay now. Are nightmares like that a normal thing for you?

Like I…am right now? It felt like it was happening to me, I could feel all of it really intensely, but it was just a dream.

Thank you, Tad, but you don’t need to be concerned! I have sleep paralysis so it’s not uncommon, for me, to have realistic-like nightmares. Have you had nightmares like that? Or…really bad ones? 


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