[pm] This was a mistake …Yes, but I don’t know that you can see it as one-sided as that. I’m positive that at least Hunter won’t try to kill my family For a lot of reasons I did know him for a long time and we were very close once. I should have been able to notice that signs and speak up about them.

I see. I would say that he is a lot more than nice though. He’s wonderful and I hope I can have him in my life for however long my life is.

[pm] I don’t know what to say Victims People who have experienced abuse don’t always recognize the signs when they’re in the relationship but if they do, they will justify it so that the actions their abuser takes will make sense — and the excuses vary, they do it because they care about/love me to I can’t leave them, they need me to they’re a good person deep-down and they have good intentions, they’re not always like this, they’ll change. And some don’t speak out for these reasons, it’s a coping mechanism or because they’re afraid to. What happened to you and how you handled it isn’t your fault.

I hope so too!

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