[pm] I mean finding that balance between what you and your partner want out of a relationship. I haven’t had romantic relationships like this he doesn’t count, but I’ve had…friendships where this person would mock me for voicing concerns. Eventually I just stopped and did whatever he told me too and it made sense at the time because I thought he cared about me. He would always said he knew me best. I thought I knew him too Not that I mind doing that if I really cared about a person, but I like having that choice.

Yes, Hunter! Do you know him? Are you friends with him? It’s always nice to meet the friends of the people you care about.

[pm] I think any relationship, not just romantic or platonic, is a series of trials and errors with open communication, reciprocation and mutual agreements with disagreements every now and again; a relationship between two or more people is constantly evolving as we grow as individuals, independently and within the relationship(s). If there is someone in your life that is controlling you or your behaviors, that — to me — seems like an already unbalanced, potentially abusive relationship. It also sounds like he was also manipulating and gaslighting you. Absolutely no one should ever take away or overtake your ability to have control of yourself, not even someone you care about. Is encountering another person like that friend a concern you have in regards to the idea of entertaining a romantic relationship?

I do and I’d say…we’re friendly acquaintances, I think he trusts more than other members of local law enforcement but that wouldn’t necessarily make us friends. He’s nice though. 


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