• Name: Han Nari
  • Age: 56
  • Species: Human
  • Face Claim: Song Ok-sook

Born in South Korea, Nari grew up with the same principles she later instilled into her son; one of the primary being an adventure seeking mind that wanted to, when she was younger, see the entire world. During her adolescence she was focused on her studies and had plans of studying medicine abroad; she believed that if you wanted something, you would get it with a go-getter mentality. Things did not fall into her favour unfortunately after meeting who she believed to be the love of her life and settled with the idea of being a housewife. Together, they applied for citizenship in the States and moved. Shortly after, she gave birth to Reed in New York City. When he was five, her husband (Wook) quit his job at a local university teaching mathematics and returned to South Korea as a full-time resident in his home country; the couple became separated and Nari was devastated. Communication ceased between her and her ex-husband, despite this Nari continued to remain open and honest to Reed, explaining what happened and answered any questions he had. 

Despite the estrangement, Nari was determined to keep herself and her son afloat in a new country; wanting a new place to live and new sights to see, she and Reed packed what little of their belongings they had and moved to Chicago, Illinois where Nari continues to reside today. There she worked anywhere between two to three jobs at a time throughout Reed’s life in Chicago. Nari wanted the absolute best for Reed, that included going from living in an apartment in New York City for the first seven years of Reed’s life to buying a small house in Chicago. She supported his dreams to become a major league baseball player for the L. A. Dodgers, tried to attend all of his practices and matches, and every kind of important ceremony or event he had in his life; work made this impossible sometimes and finding vacation time when money was always being grasped at made this challenging, but Nari refused to give up, she always found a way to make things work out. She encouraged and continues to support Reed, even his move to California for his studies then to Maine.

Additionally, because she comes from a traditional family and a different culture, Nari has raised Reed how she was — making sure he could embrace the Korean lifestyle (albeit in a Western society) with an open mind. They primarily spoke Korean in the privacy of their home and do so to this day over phone and video calls; as such Reed is familiar with traditional Korean practices despite never having gone to his mother’s home country. She raised him to embrace people of all walks of life and to be open to their own traditions. Nari and Reed are very close and communicate on a near daily basis. 

  • Traits: Intelligent, nosy, wanderlust, determined, patient, optimistic 
  • Also fluent in Korean and English
  • Well versed in Korean folklore/supernatural

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