If you had a child, what would you name them?

I haven’t thought about that at all I’d discuss it with whoever I’m having a child with. Maybe some old name.

Sylvester? Sylvia?



Yeah but that’s the fun part. High snow makes it better. Sometimes…. unless you can’t see over it.

I dunno? Current stuff? Whatever I like.


That’s great too! I like The Ocean too!


So is UMAC closed? I’m getting mixed signals from people, and while i’m sure my teachers would understand if i didn’t want to venture out in a potential blizzard after being in the hospital, I actually am kinda going stir crazy in my house. Wow i almost just said i wanted to go to university out loud. I really am going stir crazy.

If an official announcement was made from UMAC as well as on the town’s website, I believe it is closed for the time being. What mixed signals are you getting?

I don’t know what to suggest to you to alleviate cabin fever. I just…I work all the time, I’m always at the station— Hey! Do you want to dog sit? Do you like dogs?


[pm] I mean don’t fucking make snow angels in the goddamn cemetery. The hell do you think I mean, son?

With the weather coming in, people are gonna try. I’ve been chasing them away from Strawford Park the whole damn winter.

[pm] But why the cemetery? They’re doing that all over town.

Your cabin’s located there, isn’t it? I guess they find the whole apparently abandoned cabin in winter to be a romantic setting.

If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. Maybe I can sit out at the cemetery and tell people they can’t visit when its closed? That might help with the ‘don’t make snow angels in the cemetery at night’.


That snowstorm sure did come out of nowhere. I swore it was sunny when I was driving to work, but by the time I’d parked I almost couldn’t get to the station.

And could the person who left their files strewn on my desk please come tidy up before I name and shame them? I’d message you personally but I’m having IT issues so can’t find your contact details. 

[pm] Maine weather. Changes seasons every five seconds! Haha Totally didn’t use an overused line. It’s getting really bad out there.

You can come down to the basement and ask for Effie or Chris, they should be able to help you with any tech! Chris might be a bit slo I could take them off of your hands for you and deliver them to whoever they belong to!


It just is? Like the cold is awesome and then you get bundled up and when you come back inside it’s so warm and nice.

Not really. Just walk. Listen to music. The usual.

Oh, yeah, that’s nice too!

Be safe on your walk, then! It’s expected to get really high and the ground will be slick but you probably already know th.

What kind of music do you listen to?