[pm] I’m good ! I don’t celebrate Christmas but it was alright. Got a few presents. Including a book.

[pm] And how’s that going? Enjoying the book?



[pm] Marley? She works for me at the Reed I don’t think I should be frie Im too This isn’t Good. Tell me how it goes. Both New Years and the checkup. I am fine, thank you.

[pm] Wait Tell you how it goes? Hey, are you sure everything is okay?

Chris the Buggane

  • Name: Chris Bugine
  • Age: 37
  • Species: Buggane
  • Occupation: Computer / Digital Forensics, ACPD
  • Face Claim: David Schwimmer
  • Played By: Meri & Zoe 

Chris wears thick lensed sunglasses all the time and ironically works a lot with technology, specifically coding but it is usually always a guarantee that something comes out wrong in his analysis and reports. He used to own his own lab but now shares it with Effie Duan, before however he used to also always sit in the dark and work on things with low visibility. The only thing really known about him is that he’s awkward, reclusive and kind of really bad with technology which makes it a wonder why he even got hired in the first place. Blame his poor eyesight. 

Since Effie got hired things have been whipped into shape slightly and Chris is highkey ready to hide under his desk whenever something goes wrong. Additionally, he has become the inside joke or scapegoat (think: Everybody Hates Chris, and Jerry from Parks and Recreation). The good thing about him? Sometimes he’s helpful and has some valuable input, and he has (unintentionally, without knowing it) helped break open big cases (or close them).


[pm] I appreciate the cooperation – I know this can’t be easy for you. 

It’s still in the early stages but I’ve been running through the members’ backgrounds and profiles and I have a few small leads I’ll be knocking off my list first. The most obvious places, just to get check them off my list. If you’re privy to any information I could use, should you feel comfortable sharing this with me, please let me know. The more information I have, the easier the investigation goes, as you probably already know. 

As many as I can, with priority on your attackers. 

[pm] I don’t know for sure as I haven’t been home since yesterday night but I think Azul is taking up space at my place. My friend saw her there yesterday. [user shares home address]

Azul is the only one who attacked me personally. So she’ll have the highest criminal charge. The others have other penalties.


[pm] Don’t worry about me, I can… Well, I have a very good way of defending myself, Reed.

The zoo?!

… Regan said they were in your computer and they knew things. I’m fixing that right now.

[pm] I can still worry.

Yes, the zoo.

Oh, great. How much do you think they saw??