[pm] Well that was quite the thing to think of, though a bit clever I suppose.

The extinct egg yolk, and I just looked in the Cave of Voices. It wasn’t as hard as I might have expected it to be.

[pm] It was. Veronica was able to do what she needed to do so that was good.

What led you to the Cave of Voices? Did you go there automatically or…? And what were you expecting?



[pm] Awesome. Let me just take a picture…

There. It’s not the greatest postcard cuz I was in a rush, but I wanted to make sure i got one. But yea fae killing sprees roadtrips are great 

Ehh. He uh he doesn’t do very well with mom sometimes. So those two in confined space for almost three months would have been, a complete disaster interesting to say the least. 

[pm] [user taps and zooms in on postcard to view every picture, feeling completely beside himself the more he thinks about humanity and their behaviors] You know, it is so odd how humans document, share and celebrate things, and what it is they choose to marvel over. I mean, someone actually is showcasing “the world’s largest twine ball” like it’s— We’re so weird sometimes as a species. 

I like your postcard! It captures the tourist attraction. You could probably make a scrapbook of all of the postcards at tourist destinations. 

Oh. I understand. 


Do you always do what is safer? I think I’d try the cake one, it sounds cooler. And delicious.

I’ve never done that, but I’m sure you try so hard to not seem like you’re lying, you look like you’re lying because you’re trying too hard.

Technically, no-ish. It can be difficult when other variables come into play, like…the supernatural— I try to. I agree, though, the cake one does sound more fun and delicious, it’s also a reward for your efforts.

Now that’s what I call a tongue twister.


The creepy clowns are a result of too much Stephen King. Although having read most of his books, I cannot exactly say that I’ve been struck by the need to dress like Pennywise.

Wasn’t that saint a martyr anyways? I think he was tortured or something.

They’re technically not a new thing though it’s definitely a phenomena this year. There were clown sightings I think a year or two ago across the country before it caught on… Because why not make 2016 anymore weirder than it already is? Honestly, I don’t understand the infatuation with clowns and especially Pennywise. 

I believe you are correct about that. 


[pm] You did? Why? Sounds amusing, at least. Yes, I did.

[pm] Well, we were up against four human-hungry horses and a bipedal cow with a thing for leather jackets. We needed wait, do you know that I know about the sup— to find a way to distract the cow so I just…chicken danced. And I have managed to make it sound far more underwhelming than it actually was, but I’m pretty sure my heart achieved new racing speeds than humanly possible while still being alive. 

Which of the items did you find and how’d you do it?


okay human children then In the brick wall smashing scenario I’m super strong though. I don’t think I can generate enough force to smash through a wall all on my own, silly. But I wish I could I guess I can settle tearing through a large piece of paper. Or breaking out of a cake!

I suppose it is what all victims say when they end up injured. Ran into a door, fell down the stairs.

Of course you are in that scenario and I am very supportive of your brick smashing career in that scenario, but breaking through banners and cakes is definitely safer in this scenario.

Right, like the pressure of trying to legitimately sound sicker when calling out of work when you are actually sick.


[pm] Yup its a thing in Cawker City Kansas. I got a postcard at the gift shop if you want to see it. And a broken arm from a Far Darrig

I mean there was also the World Largest Tea Pot in Chester West Virginia, where we eradicated an Agropelter Infestation and then I went down the Super Slide in Bismark North Dakota after we chased a pair of Trow through the night. 

But it wasn’t like we specifically went to each place for this, we were just mostly touring the country. You know a good old fashion fae killing family roadtrip with my mom. Luckily for Hunter he got spared. 

[pm] Sure! I’d love to see it!

This country and its infatuation with large, no, gigantic Nice, sounds like a great cross country roadtrip. 

Sight seeing is fun, though! If I could, I’d do it more often… Roadtrips are great aside from the higher risk for injury and casAwe, Hunter wasn’t able t— Wait, why is that a lucky thi— Sucks that your brother wasn’t with you though, you two are pretty close from what I can tell, I bet it would’ve been way more fun with him!


[pm] This is true.

Sure, let’s go with that. It works well enough.

She just mentioned that she found the things with you is all.

[pm] Okay.

Oh, yeah… I chicken danced. It was a fun time. You? Did you find anything?


Would you rather live without TV or music?

I don’t think I could live without music. It’s reflective of the time periods. For example, I was listening to something while driving to work the other day and the guy mentioned…’gram’? Which was, in context, an abbreviation for ‘Instagram’ or code for something else. But I like that about music, it truly lives in the time it was created in. It’s a great tool for history.