The Greenleaf subdivision near Dawsonville Georgia was abandoned several years ago after it was found to be at the center of a mortgage fraud scheme. [Construction stopped on the neighborhood in 2006]. The developers knew the project was doomed from the start, as there were no public sewer lines anywhere in the area they could hook up to, and the lots were too small for septic tanks. At the time we explored it, there were about 16 homes left still standing. Most of them had all the copper stripped out of them and were extremely vandalized. Two of the developers ended up serving prison sentences for fraud. All of the homes were 3 stories, with the lowest floor being a sort of half basement. We didn’t notice any “cookie-cutter” homes either, they all seemed to have their own unique floor-plan. Exploring this place felt like we were either in a war zone or the walking dead; what was left of the neighborhood now looks like a creepy apocalyptic ghost town. It was only recently that the local government stepped in and had all the homes here razed [2016].

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