Don’t let the small town hospitality fool you; Ashkent Creek’s Police Station keeps itself busy. As the town with the largest population in Washington County, Maine, Sheriff Cyprus places her department within the station and spends most of her time there. But there are more reasons than just the population that have brought the Sheriff’s Department there in the past, and kept it there now. Ashkent Creek has always been a strange town, and they have a difficult task at hand.

  • Most of the time, small town police forces handle any goings-on in the other towns, so Sheriff Cyprus and her force barely leave Ashkent Creek.
  • There’s a donut shop next door, and these cops could care less about looking like stereotypes. Every morning there’s a box of fresh donuts waiting in the squad room.
  • The building is conveniently located next to the Ashkent Creek Morgue and near the hospital.
  • The ground floor holds the offices, interrogation rooms, and holding cells; the basement has forensic labs for the CSIs and an autopsy room and lab for the ME.
  • Sheriff Cyprus is responsible for overseeing the town, but Captain Maynard is technically in charge of the police force and ensures proper conduct.

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