>> Supernatural Creatures: Skin-walkers

        Skin-walkers derive from Native American (specifically Navajo) folklore. A skin-walker is a human that has the ability to transform into any animal so long as they have the skin of the animal. They are described to be incredibly fast, and impossible to catch. Their physical appearance is usually large, lanky, gaunt and hairy (without animal skins).

        The skins used by them are usually coyotes, bears, wolves, and cougars, and as such, they are considered taboo. In some Navajo beliefs, the skin-walker can also steal a person’s face. If you lock eyes with a skin-walker, it can absorb itself into your body, and while looking upon the creature, the fear instilled will be used as the skin-walkers energy. It is also believed a skin-walker can read a human’s thoughts, and imitate any animal or human noise to lure victims into their homes.

        They are believed to break into homes and kill those that reside inside, or creep about the outside, tapping and peeking into windows, banging on walls and doors, and climbing the roof. To kill a skin-walker, according to Navajo belief, you must shoot or stab it with a bullet/dagger dipped in white ash. Other beliefs include a silver bullet, or saying the real name of the skin-walker and proceeding to shoot them in the face, or making it transform into something small, such as a mouse or rat, and throwing it into a fire to burn it alive.

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