Adopted: July 15th, 2016 [ X ]

Going in with the intention of adopting only one German Shepherd, Reed left with more than he initially bargained for – two brothers. Thinking it wrong to separate the pair, Reed kept circling around the shelter only to keep returning to those two. Thinking it of sound mind that at least they would both have each other’s company, he settled on them both.

Having thoroughly read through owner guide manuals and other assorted literature in regards to that breed (and from his personal interactions with them in the K-9 unit), Reed feels prepared to take care of them and become a responsible pet owner. (Though, he admittedly had to double back to the pet store to buy another 20~lb bag of dog food, more toys and another bed – basically, another +1).

Their names are Charcoal (Charlie, Char) [right, all black] and Saltpeter (Salt, SP, Peter, Pete, sometimes confused with ‘saltpepper’) [left, tan/silver/black]

Names derive from ingredients used to make black powder (more commonly known as: gunpowder)

They are both long-haired and three years old.

Behaviorally, they are friendly. Saltpeter’s temperament is more mellow than his brother, however, and not as overly playful. They are sociable and are not aggressive dogs.

Only potty-trained, Reed intends on training them and make it a habit it to bring them with him on his many jogging trails everyday / every other day to familiarize them with his neighborhood and the surrounding area, and to also socialize and exercise them. (And this means no to giving them human food). Sometimes Reed will take them with him to the station and have them hang out with the other dogs/in the K-9 kennels. 


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