Phone @ Clark

Clark: Oh, really? Hey, mom! Just kidding, she’s definitely not listening. My name is Clark Wade.
Reed: [looks at Captain Maynard and shifts in his chair uncomfortably then clears his throat] As you know, Boone Huskins disappeared – a little over a week ago now – and from our initial witness, so as a result, participators in the pageant are being interviewed. Throughout the course of this investigation we have found out who the finalists were, and you were mentioned. My partner and I wanted to ask you a few questions because it isn’t too far of a leap to assume you have seen just about everyone and everything that happened in the pageant. What I want to start off first with is: Can you tell us what Boone’s behavior was like during the pageant, and if you knew him prior, what was his personality like before the pageant?


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