ft. a very interchangeable wardrobe

  • Professional – Keeping it somewhat casual when it comes to going to the station, usually just with a simple pair of slacks or pants and a long-sleeve, button-up, and Reed is ready to go. He’ll dress up the outfits sometimes with a light jacket though it’s more bound to hang off the back of his chair or on a wall hook in exchange for professional garb (lab coat / suits, for example). At events, he’ll dress up nicer (complete with a tie or bow, and an actual proper suit jacket).
  • Casual – A much more tame approach to what he wears when going to work or to an event, Reed favours plaid patterns, plain lightweight sweatshirts, and a basic pair of slim-fitting jeans. He has a token black leather jacket that he likes to pull out and wear casually or to work during the wintertime. Can be seen sporting a Dodgers / L.A. baseball cap on occasion. 
  • Workout – For most of the year, Reed can be seen wearing a pair of basketball shorts with an assortment of tops: tank, standard t-shirt, and sweatshirt. During colder seasons and chillier nights, Reed will opt for fleece pants, spandex shirt and/or a hoodie (though, with how cold it can get in Maine during winter, he’ll spend more time in the gym). With him, he keeps a concealed knife strapped against his person when out for runs or exercising outside of the gym.

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