1973 Dodge Challenger RT

Back in 2000/2001, the fall before Reed was to go to California for his first freshman semester at university, Reed took up two summer jobs (both full-time) somewhere during the month of or after his high school graduation. In the two summers prior, he also took up jobs and saved all of the money he earned, putting it aside just for this occasion. After getting his license at the age of sixteen, Reed had his eyes on an old muscle car that had been discontinued in the 1980s and been somewhat of a whisper to him throughout his life growing up watching film. With a small loan from his mother, he was able to buy the car off of a private seller rather than a used car dealership – the car looked to be in mint condition with both its interior and exterior, but repairs over the years and trips to mechanics to get its machinery running smoothly cost him more stress and trouble than he felt it was worth sometimes. But, after some time of troubleshooting, the car has been restored to perfect running condition and it – along with his (growing) gun collection – is one of the proudest investments he has made. Reed doesn’t foresee himself turning in the car for a replacement or a newer model, and would like to pull a Sandra West and be buried in it. 

Being an admirer of vintage or classic things, it’s no stretch as to why he has an attachment to this car. It took a lot of hard work, dedication, and preservation, but the payoff now – almost fifteen years later – is worth it to him. He has made a lot of special memories in this car, a lot of long road trips, and has received quite the attention from (retro) car enthusiasts like himself. The car is all black with silver accents and a high gloss finish, it has wooden furniture, carpet flooring, and leather seats; the interior is black as well except for the white flooring. It is a manual stick-shift. The inside is clean and relatively spotless except for the cassette tapes stowed away in the glove compartment; in the trunk he keeps an emergency kit full of first aid supplies and roadside assistance, anything that would be needed from cable rope to a heavy duty flashlight and combat knife to packed boxes of extra ammo for the Glock 26 he keeps concealed in his car.

Damaged: July 9th, 2016
Replaced: July 10th, 2016


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