[pm] Okay. I’ll do that.

[user returns minutes later]

I think she bought a pet iguana. Just tell me why you can’t talk to her. You can’t not be friends. The only reason I talk to you is because you’re her friend….does this mean I can stop talking to you.

[pm] [message unread]



You’re just going to ignore the fact you ruined my image of Robb Stark? 

[pm] You’re not? What happened?

I can….try. Again. I’ll try.

[pm] Why do you sound coherent

[user sighs] Copy and paste this message:

“I am sorry for saying those horrible things to you, Regan, I didn’t mean any of it.”


What? He died? Reed, I’m not that far into Game of Thrones yet. Jerk.

[pm] Reed, you don’t understand. I’ve done the worst thing that I could ever do. No apology will ever make up for it. I need to pay, as is only fair. She doesn’t seem to want to talk to me anyway. You’re her friend, go support her. 

[pm] I’m not her friend anymore. Go talk to her yourself. Please.


No it wouldn’t. I don’t need rest. I need to talk to Rob Stark, I need to say that I’m not sorry for giving birth to him. 

[pm] Don’t be an idiot. Talk to her about what I said.

Robb Stark is dead and he is a fictional character.

[pm] Deirdre… You should talk to her yourself when you’re not in this mental state. You’re the one who said those things and you are the one who has to apologize for saying it. It’s not my place to operate as the middleman between you two I learned that the first–. She needs a friend and support right now.


I doubt someone can “go to bed” when they are already in bed. It would be wrong of me to try and rest anyway, I don’t deserve that. And I also don’t even own a bed. 

[pm] Did you talk to Regan?

It would be in your best interest to go to sleep.

[pm] ?!!?!??????? Talk to Regan about what?

Is this a clarity moment? What is this? Are you capable of being lucid?

Phone @ Clark

Clark: Oh, really? Hey, mom! Just kidding, she’s definitely not listening. My name is Clark Wade.
Reed: [looks at Captain Maynard and shifts in his chair uncomfortably then clears his throat] As you know, Boone Huskins disappeared – a little over a week ago now – and from our initial witness, so as a result, participators in the pageant are being interviewed. Throughout the course of this investigation we have found out who the finalists were, and you were mentioned. My partner and I wanted to ask you a few questions because it isn’t too far of a leap to assume you have seen just about everyone and everything that happened in the pageant. What I want to start off first with is: Can you tell us what Boone’s behavior was like during the pageant, and if you knew him prior, what was his personality like before the pageant?

Number Fun

Badge #18323

  • 1 – Aries, first zodiac sign. Given his birth date, that is his sign.
  • 83 – Birth year.
  • 23 – Maine’s state number.
    • Police badge numbers, I’ve noticed, tend to be five digits.

Case #10571049

  • 10-57 – Missing Person (reference).
  • 10-49 – This specifically is a Maine police code, which means “Possible Homicide.” (reference)

Signal 10


  • 10-32 is his blog title, it is a Maine police code and means “person with a gun,” which I thought was perfect considering his hobby and job.

Phone @ Clark

Reed: Before we begin, I want to inform you that you’re on speakerphone and this conversation is being recorded for future records. I, Officer Reed Han, will be conducting this interview with my partner, Captain Neal Maynard. Can you state your full name please?