See You Again | Reed & Regan


Regan barely remembered
bringing up the name of her roommate in conversation with Reed before, but
there was a sense of familiarity, and he clearly knew it, so it must have
happened. Maybe when she was affected by the fairy rings. She’d certainly said
a number of things she wished she could take back, now. “Maple Leaf,” Regan
confirmed with a nod, hoping the pixie wouldn’t hear her and come flying around
the corner. A slow introduction would probably be for the best… if an
introduction had to happen at all. “She doesn’t like people. I mean, humans. It’s
not personal.”

“Because you never
mentioned your father, and I needed something
to pry about. And you keep avoiding the question,” she said simply. Sure, Reed
had provided tidbits of information, saying he had over the phone, but before
that he seemed dead set on avoiding his own mother while they were in the same
city, and Regan wanted to understand why. Looked like he was changing the
subject again, though. Big surprise. How did he expect her to tell him
everything, when he wasn’t willing to reveal anything of himself? Their
situations were a little bit different because she’d gaslighted him for months
and learning about “the supernatural” could just keep him alive—Regan wouldn’t
withhold information anymore, even if she wanted to—but the topic was still
deeply personal to her. And Regan didn’t like feeling like the only one naked. “We
could talk about why you were acting strange online and over the phone instead.
You kept calling me Reggae Rae.” Her
mouth crinkled in distaste at the nickname. Reed was definitely concussed.

“Oh—right. Why you’re
here.” Certainly not any kind of… social call. After what happened. Regan
tailed him over to the table in the living room, plucking a plain white
envelope from it. She handed it to him with an uneasy smile. “Happy birthday. I
was going to, um… personalize it more, but I wasn’t sure what you wanted to
learn more about and—I didn’t want to assume. So I—just open it.”

“That’s really biased,” Reed frowned at that information but then nodded, pursing his lips to one side. Of course not everyone would like humans, or…basic DNA humans, anyway. At this point, Reed didn’t expect very much anymore. It was obvious to him how low humans were on the totem pole.

Accepting the envelope, Reed hesitated opening it and chose to instead feel the contents through the packaging – there was something of semi-hardness inside. A card? His eyebrows pushed down before he looked up at her. “I really don’t see why we have to talk about my mom, I gave you…like…three reasons why I left to Chicago and why I didn’t want to see her.” He saw her at the end, that was good enough – he didn’t want to burden her or stress her out. Reed’s mother always had a knack for detecting when something was bothering him and he didn’t want to leave her by herself with that as a burning question on her mind. “I got high,” He said with a casual shrug, dropping his head down again. At least he was more forthcoming with information than everyone else.

“You didn’t need to get me anything,” He then said, taking a step towards her while extending his arm out, offering her the envelope. The gesture was sweet enough and he did appreciate it, but he didn’t ask for anything and there wasn’t really anything he wanted. “That money is better spent on yourself.”



[pm] We’re making progress on this good souls club.

Yes, one can hope. Some things are more finite than others

South Korea would be an interesting one. That’s certainly one of the places I’ve never been before, though I almost stopped by on my way to Japan to meet some of the Shinto exorcists there. 

[pm] GSC. I like it, though. 

Will you ever been going to Japan? I’ve always been curious to go, to see the cultural differences between the two countries. Plus, I’d like to know what your kind of day is like as an exorcist. Japanese myths legends are…a lot farther off than the ones in Western society. Even South Korea with their belief in ghosts. It’s intense.


[pm] Are you encouraging me to steal Regan’s cats? I thought you were her friend or something. 

[pm] Hey, now, I wasn’t the one who said you should steal them so when if you do, I can’t be held accountable. And we’re working on it.


[pm] It has to be selfless and wholesome. From the heart.

The law can’t do anything to them, either.

It was certainly something else. If you had a choice, where would you want to live? I’ve always fancied Iceland or Sweden. Maybe even Denmark or Poland.

[pm] Good. That’s policy #2.

I know, you said that either, but…one can have hope, right? Everything can be stopped, everything has a finite end and they can… They can stop too, somehow.

Anywhere… I’d go to California but they’re in a drought and I’m pretty sure they’re going underwater so that’s a useless endeavor. I guess… I’d go to South Korea, where my parents lived before they came here. Those are some nice places. Neutral and pretty calm, low crime rate too.


[pm] When was the last time you did it? I’m not a fan of the stuff myself. It smells too bad for me to enjoy.

[pm] It’s a birthday tradition of sorts. I got into ironically when I was like…twenty-seven? Peer pressure, I guess.

It lingers, yeah, can’t fault you there.


[pm] Thank you. What? No! Of course not. Do you think I could? I mean, not that I would, I already have two, but I’m not taking her cats. Even though she’s always leaving them at home. 

[pm] Sounds like you should if she’s having you babysit them all of the time. No point in wasting gas or anything getting to her place just to watch her own cats. 

O’ Chocolatte | Reed & Deirdre


There was something about humans. They always thought they
were better than they are, more important. It was hard to blame them for it, of
course they weren’t aware that they were at the bottom of the food chain. It
brought Deirdre back to the matter at hand, Reed and Regan. The banshee couldn’t
comprehend how Regan would ever want
to date a human, even when she tried to remember that Regan had thought she was
human for at least a couple of years and probably still believed it. There was
just nothing that they had to offer as a romantic partner, still, Deirdre had
to accept that for whatever reason, Reed made Regan happy. They were a happy,
loving couple….even though the thought made Deirdre want to lay down on the
floor and stay there for the rest of her life. 

She remembered that her cousin Chloe was like this, choosing to date humans. Deirdre could never hate Chloe even though
she never understood her. For the same reasons, she could never hate Regan for wanting to date Reed. But if Deirdre could convince Regan that a
human wasn’t worth her time, then that would be more ideal than having to
accept them. Then she could forget about Reed and stop pretending like she
actually cared enough to want to have coffee with him.

She gripped the box of Godiva chocolates tight in her hand,
she’d bought it so Reed would like her enough to gain his trust. It would be
easier to hurt him if he trusted her. She even went so far as to wear one of
her tighter dresses, she hoped that he could appreciate a beautiful woman when
she saw one. And then, maybe, he could realize that he wasn’t worth Regan’s
time and he could amicably break up with her. Yes, that would be nice.

So, as she saw what was most likely him sitting by the
window, she breathed in, repeating “He’s Regan’s boyfriend” over and over again
in her head so she wouldn’t forget it.

The lady at the counter refused to give her wine, apparently
they didn’t serve it. She asked for just a bit of brandy in her coffee, they
didn’t have that either. She was appalled, she couldn’t pretend to like Reed
sober. If she cared more, she would probably leave this place a horrible Yelp
review. With a completely alcohol-free beverage in hand she sighed deeply,
walking over to the man sitting by the window. To Reed.

“Reed?” She smiled like she was glad to be here, then she
noticed the mountain of chocolate boxes and frowned, “I guess I didn’t get the
memo.” She waved around her box of rather expensive Godiva chocolate before
finally placing it on the table. “It’s for you.”

He looked like he had nice enough genetics, coupled with how
Regan looked, they could make nice babies. Though, it would mostly be Regan’s
genes that contributed to any attractiveness.

“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long, a lady has to look nice after all,” she sat down across
from him, smiling again. “What’s the chocolate for?”

This was a competition. Clearly. 

Was Reed the competitive type? He wasn’t so sure himself but when he boxed, he was always determined to best himself the next time around – throw a better punch, a better kick… Either way, as soon as he caught sight of someone approaching him out of his peripheral, Reed turned his attention and saw this alleged Deirdre. The first he noticed was the box of chocolate in her hand then the dress that looked like it might be too tight on her. Was she uncomfortable? Could she breathe okay? 

He felt uncomfortable.

As such, he shifted and his resting facial expression transformed into confusion, the words to her question almost passing over him completely. 

Reed decided he could be competitive, in his own little weird way. How he could prove himself was still undetermined but he wasn’t going to be outmatched by some banshee with a hell of a lot of ego. “They’re for Regan,” He answered, clearing his throat as she sat down in front of him. He eyed the chocolate that Deirdre got him and smiled appreciatively, “You shouldn’t have.” She really shouldn’t have.

Then his smile fell away and he pushed the five boxes towards her, “Be honest,” He said, looking her square in the eye, “If I told you to give these to Regan and tell her they’re from me, would you say they’re from you instead?”

See You Again | Reed & Regan


Even though Regan had invited Reed to come
over and was waiting expectantly by the door, the knock still made her jump out of her socks. There were so many reasons
why even a “friendly” catch-up like this was a horrible idea, no matter how much
she was coming around to the idea of being friends with Reed. It was
self-interest, she decided. It had to be. She was only doing this because keeping Reed close
also meant he wouldn’t tell anyone about what he knew. That was all. Keep him close,
keep him happy, and make him think you care. Or make him realize you care. Because damn it, she did care, despite her better
freaking judgement. Regan shot a glare at Maple Leaf– a silent warning to
behave herself—waited for her to fly off towards the kitchen, and then opened
the door.

“You’re actually here?” She tilted her
head. When they’d discussed seeing each other when Reed got back to Ashkent,
Regan had assumed he’d decide against it at the last moment. She had a couple
of things to give him, and talking about such a sensitive subject in her home
seemed like a better idea than bringing it into a public setting, but that didn’t
do anything to lessen the nausea cresting in her stomach. Not that she didn’t
want—“Um, it’s fine. I didn’t mean to sound like it wasn’t fine. I’m just…
surprised. You know, I kind of thought you’d decide to stay in Chicago, after
everything that—well, after everything.” She licked her lips, eyes sinking down
to the floor. They hadn’t seen each other in person since the ball, and the
information Reed had learned since made this painfully awkward. Regan felt like
she was under a dissection scope, like every time she turned away, she’d find
his eyes snapped to her, studying intently. Wondering when they’d turn black
again, or whether she was lying about that breast suckling thing being fake.
Uncomfortable didn’t begin to cover it.

Regan held open the door for him, but put
her foot in front of his before he was able to walk inside, stopping him for a
second. “Just a warning—my roommate doesn’t really… she may not like you.
Almost definitely won’t like you. Try
not to be offended. And if you have any candy in your pockets, that might earn
her favor.” With that said, Regan moved her foot and motioned for Reed to come
inside. She barely waited for him to make it to the living room before asking, “So,
did you see your mother?”

Wait… What? “Maple Leaf?” He said, following Regan after closing her front door – she definitely was being way more awkward, and he was on her territory, so that made things worse. “Why won’t she like me?” Why can’t anyone like him? Easing into her living room, Reed stood awkwardly in the room and again shoved his hands into his pockets, looking around. “Why do you keeping asking about my mom?” 

Why was Regan was occupied with that anyway? Hadn’t he answered that question enough times already as is? Because to be frank, it was growing irksome having to restate the same things over and over again, even when he had blatantly provided her with the truth earlier. It was frustrating, to actual be the one providing honest answers and still be questioned – he doubted Regan could understand how it felt, even in this situation. When he asked questions, it was to get answers he knew weren’t being given to him, but here he was, a broken record player, and it was tiring. Maybe he should have stayed in Chicago. Eventually communication between them would have ceased and maybe he’d be more respected, or liked, by his supposed peers.

“So why am I here anyway?” Reed asked after enough time passed, moving to lean against the side of the couch – not entirely comfortable sitting down. He wasn’t so sure if he should make himself home here or not; Regan had an overall unwelcoming aura and that was present currently.