Name: Reed Han
Species: Human
Occupation: Crime Scene Investigator
Age: 32 Years Old
Played By: Zoe
Face Claim: Steven Yeun

“What? No, of course I don’t want to hold the gun. Do you know what that thing can do? No, no, I can do my job just fine without touching that thing. Thanks.”

Guns are tools. Most people don’t think about that. In fact, when most people see a gun, they don’t think much of anything except for a number of expletives, though which ones depend on which side of the gun they’re on. Reed liked being to the side and slightly above guns when he had to be around them at all. He knew too much about them to trust them, and had seen first hand just what kind of damage they could do. It wasn’t something that was easily forgotten.

Ever since he was little and he had watched a man hold an entire store at gunpoint, he had wanted to know more about just how the mechanism behind the murder worked. The almost morbid fascination pushed him on. At first, he had thought of joining the police academy. It seemed like a noble enough pursuit, and he would be able to bring in scum like the nightmarish thug that still haunted his dreams. But then he realized he would actually have to use one of the damn things himself. That was just out of the question. So he returned to school and learned all that he could about ballistics, earning himself a couple degrees in physics along the way.

The tricky part though, was getting hired. Working with the police was still the endgame, but most stations seemed a little hesitant about hiring a ballistics expert who was terrified of actually handling a gun. Again and again he was passed over. It was desperation and his mother’s gentle prodding that led him to send in his resume to the station in Ashkent Creek, the next small town over from where he had grown up. To his surprise, he was invited in for an interview and then hired on the spot. It quickly became clear that the station was desperate for all the help they could get, but he wasn’t about to complain.

Settling into the town didn’t take long. Everyone at the station was nice enough, even if some of them were a little odd. Not that he had much room to talk, but still. Out of curiosity, he started going through old case files, wanting to familiarize himself with past crimes of the area. The more reports he read, the more curious he became. It wasn’t just gunshots that this town had a problem with, in fact, those seemed relatively minimal by comparison to the animal attacks and other oddities. Something odd was going on in this town, and he was going to figure out what it was, one bizarre case at a time.

Character Facts:

  • Personality: Friendly, a little anxious, intelligent, hard working, open minded, honest to a fault, somewhat nosy
  • After being involved in a rather traumatic robbery when he was a child, Reed has a complicated relationship with firearms. He’s terrified of them, but fascinated at the same time. Despite not using guns, he could easily take apart most guns and put them back together correctly.
  • He’s a relatively new addition to the ACPD, but he likes most of his co-workers, although some of the officers make him a little nervous.
  • Since moving to Ashkent and hired by the ACPD, Reed primarily works as their ballistics expert but does volunteer any of his free time to the station as an officer. He also undertook police academy and graduated to be a qualified officer on the department. 
  • Reed is largely married to his work and has never had a real relationship before. That’s the kind of thing that happens to other people. He doesn’t quite see the appeal of some aspects as he’s asexual, though he does sometimes feel a bit lonely and wonders what he’s missing.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Trained in the collection and preservation of evidence.
  • Ballistics expert.
  • Extensive knowledge of physics and mathematics.
  • Speaks English and Korean fluently.

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