Obviously you can have fun, but you shouldn’t accuse zookeepers of things that they had nothing to do with, because these aren’t normal lions.

I am proposing a theory. It’s not like I going to the judge to get a warrant and snoop through everything. And like I said, those lines were probably pumped full of…steroids. 



I – There’s literally no reason for them to do that? Also it’s wildly illegal and I don’t think any zoo is trying to boost anything that much

Can’t I have fun? This town is so devastating. 


On TV. At night. While your eyes were tired and people don’t look entirely like themselves on television.

They don’t. Omens don’t exist. Luck doesn’t exist. Being able to foretell death does doesn’t exist. You’re fine, Reed. 

I was wide awake, Rae. I was wired from work. 

But mermaids living under water and headless dogs surviving for twenty-hours do? God, you sound like my mom.


Doppelgänger?? So you mean… you haven’t heard what it means? When you see a 

Doppelgänger of yourself?

Oh boy…

I did some research online last night and didn’t come back with a lot of good news.

What? What’s ‘oh boy”?


Where did you see them? Did your mother have in vitro fertil

And you’re not dying. Bad omens don’t exist, but if they did, don’t you think a second bad omen would know if the first bad omen was actually a bad om This is ridiculous

…..On TV. Last night. At a bar.

But they could exist. And what makes you so sure anyway?


Lions aren’t native to North America, so I’m going to go ahead and say nope to that as well. We don’t know where they’re from, but don’t you think that if they were escaped from a zoo there’d have been reports of that?

Ashkent is shady. Has a cult mentality. I am 100% positive that zookeepers are in on this and are keeping quiet to add a little fun. Maybe boost public moral by adding “death by lion” and creating some variation for these crime reports. Who really knows. 


You’re not dying, Reed. I mean, you are; everyone is. But not soon. You probably just saw someone who looks a little bit like you. It happens.

They looked exactly like me and unless I’m hallucinating and confused my reflection for a second me, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just a little bit. I could be dying. Doppelgänger’s are a bad omen, apparently.


[pm] Oh, you know how they can get there. I completely respect them wanting their space, so it doesn’t really bother me. I just think we’ll get more if you take the lead. 

You’ll do fine, Reed.

[PM] No– Yeah, sure, you’re right.

This is a lot of pressure. God, I hope I can do this